Launchpoint Church in Lebanon, Tennessee

Earlier this week, I had the great privilege of sharing at the leadership banquet for Launchpoint Church. Launchpoint has such a great community doing impactful ministry for Jesus in Lebanon, Tennessee.

My friends Jim and Angela Kubic are so genuine, loving, and pastoral. They love their people and city, so being part of their annual team celebration was an honor. This church may be hidden from notoriety now, but it will be known for its Kingdom impact as the years progress.

Third Thursday Pastor’s Gathering

Since 2010, an important part of my monthly rhythm has been the Third Thursday pastors gathering in Nashville. Each month, Jeremy Rose, the senior pastor of Axis Church, hosts pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders who need camaraderie and helpful insight.

As the group has developed, Jeremy has allowed me to serve as part of the leadership of this group. A few times each year I teach, and on the other months, I love to receive insight from another pastor. I am so grateful for this opportunity and benefit from the blessing of long-term relationships.

Prayers for the busy during Lent

I am so disappointed at the busyness of March, especially since it is the middle of Lent. My rhythms have been thrown off entirely between my responsibilities, travel, car troubles, and other necessities to support the kids.

Busyness really is violence upon the soul. I feel the bruises on my soul from the aggressive onslaught of busyness. The roaring rapids of activity shakes spiritual confidence, dulls the mind, and produces restless emotions.

Here are a couple of prayers that are good for me and anyone else out of spiritual rhythm:

  • God, help my soul find rest in you. May my appetite for your Scripture bring soul nourishment instead of the destruction I crave. May I allow your presence to settle in my spirit.
  • “You made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it finds its place of rest in You.” – St. Augustine

Joshua Christmas (1978-2022)

Beth and I want to share our deepest sympathies to the Regeneration Church in Nashville for losing one of their pastors, Joshua Christmas, on February 6, 2022. We especially acknowledge Joshua’s wife and two sons and remember them in our prayers.

The Christmas family – Kent, Candy, Jasmine, and Nicholas – have always been so kind to us, so it is sad to see them experience such a loss. Joshua Christmas cared for the poor, prayed for the sick, and had a deep love for Jesus that is an inspiration.!/Obituary

Conflict Resolution Seminar this Saturday (Oct 23)

I have the privilege to teach Interpersonal Conflict Resolution for Union University. I love working with students in an academic setting, but this subject has great relevance for every day.

This crucial topic is why I am enthusiastic about presenting a seminar this Saturday (October 23) at Westwood Baptist Church in Nashville. I’ll be teaching a workshop from 9 am to 1:30 pm titled “From Conflict to Peace.”

I invite you to participate, as all are invited. There is no cost!

Register here

Todd Hunter’s newest book – Deep Peace

I just eagerly ordered the book Deep Peace, the newest release by Todd Hunter. Todd has been at the forefront of several Christian movements in American for the last 40 years, so his insights into our faith today are proven and needed. Todd desires this book to “make a real difference in the conflict and anxiety that permeate Church and society.”

Since Todd has moved to the Nashville area from California, he has been gracious to me. I am enthusiastic about his ministry and what this book can mean to people.

Thomas McKenzie – A Significant Loss

I am sorry this blog has recently had so many death notices. It is an unusual time. However, I want to acknowledge and inform you of this impactful death.

Thomas McKenzie was a strategic and important voice in Nashville and America. I am so sad to learn of his sudden and tragic death on August 23. My prayers and love for The Church of the Redeemer, and all who are mourning this loss. He was special and needed.

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