Why Do You Read the Bible?

As Christians we have been so conditioned to read our Bibles, that we have forgotten the big picture.   We read our Bibles so that we can know God.

In the coming weeks, I am going to challenge everyone at CIL to have a plan for reading the Bible.   Before we start discussing the plan, we need to establish the focus.

Why do you read the Bible?

Obama’s Religious Remarks Overlooked

I want to point out a very informative blog by Ed Stetzer regarding President Obama’s first state dinner.   President Obama demonstrated a great change in tradition, and revealed his pluralistic view of religion.

This caught my attention with this summary by Stetzer – President’s 1st words at his 1st state dinner pointed out that he celebrated a Hindu and then a Sikh religious event.

Read Ed’s blog by clicking here


Can listening to your i-phone be a form of prayer?

I used to think that if I had several hours in a car, the only “good use” of that time was prayer.   Since my college days, I have made frequent road trips between my various homes.   I always wanted to make that time “productive.”  I would literally feel guilty if I hadn’t prayed enough on a road trip.

Last night, I had another long drive to meet family for Thanksgiving.   Instead of struggling with false guilt, I simply listened to several hours of diverse music.   As I relaxed my mind, and soaked in contentment, I could classify that musical journey as a spiritual experience.   The music produced nostalgia, inspiration, indignation and hope.   Isn’t that what art is suppose to do?   I thought about creative ideas, sermon illustrations, family goals and long-term perspective.   It may have been the best time of prayer I have had in a while, and I didn’t actually “pray.”


I Broke 2 Commandments on my day off

Playing with Lincoln in the front yard,  I saw a mole burrowing in my garden.  This critter (and his friends) had dug holes in my yard all Fall.   I was able to scoop him out and terminate his very destructive life.   Did I feel like a murderer?   A little bit, but it was my yard!  After the execution, I looked at a perplexed 6 year old, and informed him that the mole was asleep.  Beth didn’t hear my cover, so she bluntly told Lincoln that “Daddy killed the mole.”   When I admitted to Lincoln I had actually killed the mole, he boldly told me, “Dad, you lied and broke one of the Ten Commandments.”  It was a rough day 0ff – 🙂


I haven’t wanted to emphasize this, but things have been tight financially for CIL recently.   On Sunday, we had a record-breaking offering that was a true blessing from God, and gives us some room to breathe again.

Is the church about money?  No way!  However, with money we can do more to reach people for Christ, expand our Compassion ministries in north Nashville, plant churches in western Europe and support front-line ministries in Muslim countries.   Money is just a tool to expand God’s heart to our community and world.

I thank God for his provision in our church, and I pray that you will see God’s provision in your life this week.   Let me know how God provides for you this week.