My sermons on “Growing in the Normal”

growing in the norm 1

We are in the “normal” season in the church calendar, but normal time is a growing time. I want to share with you messages from the Bible in the next few weeks that will inspire you to love Jesus and love people more. Tomorrow I am preaching on Hebrews 11, and the Scripture will speak to your creativity, geographical location and future. So much to learn from Him! Join me at either service at 9am or 10:45am. Let’s keep growing in Him!

August is a Great Month to Read the Bible

On this first day of August, it is a great day to start or re-start a Bible reading plan. Here is the 5x5x5 New Testament reading plan that I use, and encourage our church to use. There are 25 readings a month, so there are built in “miss days.”
You can start now, and already be in the habit of Bible reading when all the New Year’s resolutions occur in a few months.
I encourage you to print out the plan, and use a physical Bible. I supplement digital versions when I need to, but love underlining and and holding the physical Scriptures in my hand.