Pray for Frontline Camp

Frontline youth ministry is taking a record group of students to Panama City Beach, Florida, from June 23-26, 2017.  As a Jr. High student, my life was changed forever at a beach camp.  I am so happy my three teenagers get to experience God with their friends in such a positive setting!

IMG_0418Thanks to our youth team – Pastor Matt Malone and youth administrator Kyle Davis – for putting together this great trip (Here’s a picture of those guys and me a few weeks ago).

And thank you CIL for supporting our teenagers!  Your prayers, financial support, and supportive attitude is making a huge difference in many teenager’s lives.

The Joy of Prayer

the joy of web

Our summer message series at CIL is titled The Joy of Prayer.  Pastor Deborah did a great job kicking off the series last Sunday (June 11) when she taught on contemplative prayer. From the influence of that sermon, I have taken more time this week to be aware of the presence of God.  Thanks Pastor D for pointing us to Him.

Take a listen to that sermon here:

Sermon on 6/11/17

I look forward to preaching on June 18, 2017, a message titled Partnership with God. I have learned some key concepts about prayer through study and reflection that I want to show you through this message.  No additional guilt will be placed on you from lack of prayer (we can all do better in this area).  However, this message will provide an opportunity to see the incredible privilege of pray.  Join me at CIL at either 9am or 10:45am.

Good Friday Service

good friday 17

I can’t think of a more meaningful service of the year than our Good Friday Service.  CIL will have a time of worship on Friday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m.  I invite you to come as a family as we remember Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us.   Service will last less than an hour and we will take communion as a church.   Join me and my family in honor of Jesus to begin this special weekend.

Anticipating Easter

easter ad

This Sunday is Easter. CIL leaders have been working on the building and property for quite some time to get ready for this Sunday. We will set out extra chairs, schedule more greeters, and print more Reviews.  When all of us show up on the same Sunday like we do each Easter, it creates quite a buzz.

Many will buy a new outfit, the worship team will practice more than usual, and I will feel a bit more pressure to nail the sermon.  There will be a fresh energy – a delightful mixture of cultural tradition and spiritual practice.  We do all of this because

Jesus is worth it!  Jesus is more than worthy of this tradition, effort, and love.

I look forward to seeing you at either 9am or 10:45am this Resurrection Sunday!

CIL Communion Table 

On Sunday we dedicated new communion tables to the Lord.  Aubrey McGowan and Brian Gregory did an outstanding job creating the communion table for CIL. The table of the Lord is a symbol of our historical roots, the presence of God with us now, and the future reign of Christ when He fully asserts His kingdom. This table is made of wood from a Nashville sycamore tree.

Exciting Days at CIL

So, what has happened so far in 2017 at CIL?  Lots of exciting things!
1. Our Sunday morning services are growing in participation, passion and joy.  There is a great awareness of God’s presence in our services.
2. We have had record attendance and enthusiasm in our student ministry.
3. The new 6-7 grade small group during the Sunday sermon has been well received by students and parents.
4. We continue to reach more kids through specializing in age categories. Our early childhood, K-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade, are all fully staffed with effective ministers, and developing well.
5. Take 2 for age 55+ is the most fun group in the church!
6. The new college age 242 Group is ministering to a crucial age category.  Chris and Kelly Multi are bringing great leadership and love to those young adults.
7.  Upgrades to our sound and lighting in the sanctuary have been made for a more pleasant worship experience.
8. In the next two weeks we should have 60 new parking spaces on the highway side of the property.  We are preparing for more increase!
9.  Alpha on Monday nights has been so good!  Our church is creating a culture to invite people into this great gospel story.
10. Newcomers are finishing CIL Forward, signing Covenant Partnerships, and participating in small groups.  Our family is increasing!