Thank you, Don Tracy!

My dear friend Don Tracy passed away last week, and we will remember his life at a Memorial Service on Monday, November 22, 2021, at 2:00 pm at CIL Church.

Though it is has been years since Don has attended CIL, his impact on our church is incomparable. He invested deeply in our faith community in multiple ways and was a great friend to me. I am forever grateful for this partner in ministry, and I am deeply honored to officiate his service.

Read Don’s obituary at this link

The service will be steamed at

Thank you, Chip and Gala Johnson

On Sunday, October 24, we acknowledged the exceptional leadership of Chip and Gala Jonnson.

Since 2011, Pastor Chip and Gala Johnson have served the CIL family in almost every way possible. They have been such a gift. Chip, Gala, and their youngest son Zach are moving to Florida, and we will miss them greatly.

While they were here, they led and participated in 9 Thanksgiving Blessings, 8 Vacation Bible Schools, 7 Back to School Blessings, 5 Camp Blasts, 2 Ventures, dozens of board meetings, 100’s of Sunday mornings in 4.6, Connections, and over 500 Sunday morning services. Wow!

Chip would preach once or twice a year, and he is an excellent speaker. Chip can preach at any church in the nation, fit in well, and do great. I am going to miss these guys greatly, but they are always welcome to come home!

Memorial Service for Dave Gerkey and Barbara O’Guin

On August 2, I was at Vanderbilt Medical Center with Dave Gerkey when he lost his life at age 55 from the coronavirus. Dave and I were close, so it was a sad and haunting experience. On Saturday, August 21, I will lead his memorial service at CIL Church.

Dave’s mother-in-law Barbara O’Guin also lost her life from the coronavirus, and we will remember her, too. Barbara was a faithful participant in our church, and I will miss her cheerfulness. May God comfort Denise Gerkey, who lost her husband and mom in ten days; my most profound compassion and sympathies are with her.

Dave Gerkey helped Aubrey McGowan and me lead the Alpha outreach program. This group picture from the 2017 Alpha Retreat brings memories of a happy time, with Dave at the bottom center with a big smile. Dave and I would lock up the church together and talk about every subject imaginable for another hour when Alpha meetings were over. He was a trusted partner, and I thought we would have more opportunities together.

I know God will help us honor both of these lives on Saturday, but it will be a tough day for many people in mourning.

Memorial for Dave Gerkey and Barbara O’Guinn
Saturday, August 21
Visitation at 2:00 pm.
Service at 3:00 pm.

Link to Livestream of Service:

Dave Gerkey’s obituary:

Barbara O’Guin’s obituary:

Sunday Summary – August 15, 2021

My wife Beth spoke and did such a great job. What a talent, with a great heart for God. I was very proud of her, and her message impacted me. We had a theme about Identity that weaved through the music, prayers, and sermon.

We kicked off 242 Small Groups, and that makes me feel good. I do not believe we function as a church unless smaller groups are going deeper in Chrisitan community. We are going somewhere, and He is leading us!

Remembering Rita Dumont

Sunday afternoon (August 1) I will lead the Celebration of Life service for my friend, Rita Dumont.

She was beyond faithful to our church family. On some of those low attended Sundays during the last twelve years, Rita was present, hungry to hear God’s word. Her faithfulness to the Lord encouraged me. I will miss her very much.

Visitation (3:30 pm) – CIL Church

Service (4:00 pm) – CIL Church

CIL Forward this Wednesday

We have a great group of newcomers coming to CIL Forward this Wednesday (July 28), but there is room for you!

CIL Forward exists so that every person in our church has heard our vision, understands the gospel, is in a relationship with Christ, and engages in ministry. This night is for newcomers or people interested in becoming CIL Partners.

We’ll meet at 6:30 pm this Wednesday. If you can come, register at

Kent Henry and Bob Perry Team Up

The two men who have taught me how to combine worship and intercession are Kent Henry and Bob Perry. These veterans of the “Prayer Room” movement will join together Monday at 4 PM to lead us in worship and intercession.

All are welcome to join us in the CIL Sanctuary, as this anointed time of prayer will stream worldwide. Join us at CIL, 4 PM this Monday.

Schedule for Refresh Conference

The Refresh Conference is finally here! I have been thinking about this time for several months, so I am thrilled it is upon us!

You DO NOT need to register or pay to participate. Registration is only for childcare to age 4. Everyone ages 5 and above can just show up and receive!

Everyone is invited to all three events.Sunday night service starts at 7:00 PM.

Join us Monday at 4:00 PM for the Prayer Room intercession and worship set, then break for dinner, and come back at 7:00 PM for the Worship Night. The Sunday night and Monday night service at 7:00 PM will not be online.

Here is the Conference schedule:

Sunday, July 18 (7:00 PM) – Brian Lindsey / Far Flung Tin Can and Mark Rampulla
Monday, July 19 (4:00 PM) – Prayer Room with Kent Henry and Bob Perry
Monday, July 19 (7:00 PM) – Kent Henry and Aubrey McGowan

I believe this will be a defining time for you. This Spirit-filled experience may stretch some of you, but it is transformational to have an experience with God.

Refresh Conference 2021

In ten days, we will have a first-time event at CIL Church – the Refresh Conference. God put this on my heart earlier in the year. I am thrilled how it has come together. We are praying for Spirit-filled worship and impartation during this time.

Several of my friends will be ministering:

Brian Lindsey and the Far-Flung Tin Can worship team will lead us in worship on Sunday night.

Mark Rampulla is preaching Sunday night.

Kent Henry and Bob Perry are leading a Prayer Room intercession on Monday at 4:00 pm.

Kent Henry and Aubrey McGowan will lead us in a night of worship Monday at 7:00 pm.

The Refresh Conference has no charge.

All are welcome! Let’s expect God to do great things!