Blessed Sunday at CIL Church: Deborah Jackson’s Insightful Teaching on the Ascension of Christ

Despite the hustle and bustle of a busy graduation weekend in Sumner County, the services at CIL Church were nothing short of a blessing. It was an honor to welcome visitors to our church, especially during such a hectic time. Graduation weekends can be overwhelming, with families and friends gathering to celebrate significant milestones. Amidst all the excitement, CIL Church opened its doors like we do every Sunday, offering a haven of peace and spiritual nourishment.

Deborah Jackson’s teaching on the Ascension of Christ, titled “Wait! What?” Her insightful teaching brought a fresh perspective to this pivotal event in Christian theology.

The energy of fellowship was alive and palpable throughout the service. This Sunday service reminded me of the power of community, the importance of spiritual growth, and the transformative impact a healthy church.



We care!

In this season of resurrection, God is giving us a “Resurrection of Care!” We easily slip into indifference, especially when it comes to the things of God. This sermon will lead you to a place of renewal, where God brings back vision, dreams, ideas, and concern for the world.

CIL exists to Know His Love, Share His Love.

One of our definitive statements is:

We care about the unchurched in north Nashville!

We will flourish as individuals and as a church family as we focus on our call and rest in God’s heart.



Update on Beth / “A Resurrection of Mission”

I recognize that most of my blogs recently have only been CIL service summaries with links to watch. These one-dimensional posts mainly resulted from the time I took off to be with Beth after she had a hysterectomy on April 11. She is recovering very well, and I am pleased about this. I hope to reengage with some writing as we move forward.

With this established, here are once again links to Sunday’s service. It was a blessing to teach after two weeks off. I love our church, and sharing God’s Word with such a great congregation is a privilege. Sunday’s message was titled a “Resurrection of Mission.”



John McKinzie and Scott Thomas – Two great Sundays at CIL!

I was very inspired by Pastor John McKinzie’s message at CIL Church on Sunday, April 23, 2022. He challenged me and the church to “steward the gift.” Such a timely message to our church as we enter a new season of Kingdom impact.

John has been my pastor and mentor since 1986!


I also want to acknowledge the excellent teaching of Scott Thomas on Sunday, April 16, 2023. Scott gave a tremendous sermon that pointed us to love Jesus and people more.


Enjoy and be blessed!

A Palm Sunday of Joy and Sorrow

On Palm Sunday, we had a mix of joy and sorrow. There was joy in our faith as we entered Holy Week but sorrow from a week of tragedy – the massacre at Covenant School in Nashville, the helicopters crash from Ft. Campbell, and the storms that took lives in Tennessee, especially in McNairy County. It was a horrific week. 

I am so thankful for Beth Allison’s ministry during worship as she ministered to us and presented congregational prayers that gave us words when we seemed speechless. 

We rejoiced with two young men baptized in water. So much good occurring amidst so much heaviness. 

I am thankful for my faith, church family, and a place to gather and process these emotions.

I shared a message titled “8 Reasons I Am Praying For CIL To Grow.” This message will give you insight into my heart for this church family and start the collective vision we will see from God.



Devoted to Prayer

I finished our series Prayer is for Everybody with a message titled, “Devoted to Prayer,” based on Colossians 4:2-6.

These messages have come out of my long walk with the Lord. I have made many mistakes and tried many things but I have settled into this simple, meaningful relationship with God. That is prayer to me. I hope this capstone message will turn your heart to him.



Sunday Review – February 12, 2023

It was a good Sunday. I have always liked the Kansas City Chiefs, and have lots of friends from college in Kansas City who are fanatics for the team. It was fun to see them win the big game for the second time in five years.

Sunday’s services were great. I shared a message titled, “Disappointment in Prayer.” I think this teaching will help people, and I intend to write on this subject later in the week.

We had a packed 9 AM service, but we had plenty of room in the 10:45 AM service. Pray with me that our 9 AM service remains full, and we also fill up the second service. All for God’s glory!



Reset Your Alliances

Man, it was a good day at CIL Church.

The theme of Reset continues, as my teaching this week was titled “Reset Your Alliances”. Life is about relationships, so we constantly move in and out of relational alliances. I shared five different alliances that we need to evaluate by God’s vision and standards. Discover how you can reset your relationships with God’s perspective and blessing.
242 Small Groups launched Sunday night! I am so encouraged by the visionary way our 242 Small Group Leaders are viewing their ministry to impact the CIL family and their neighborhoods. I believe significant kingdom relationships are being established through our 242 Small Groups. God is going to impact our area and nation through these Kingdom relationships.
God is doing great things through Christ Is Love Church, and I am thrilled to tell you about it!