Sunday Summary – September 19, 2021 – “Resisting the Devil in an Unspectacular Way.”

Both of our services were strong today, but there was a wave of spiritual intensity during the end of our musical worship set at 10:45 AM. Pastor Aubrey sang a spontaneous song about the joy of the Lord, and I could feel us all stirred. You can experience this in the video posted below. (We do not usually record the 10:45 AM service, so this was a neat exception! The part I am referring to starts around 24 minutes, 30 seconds).

My sermon on “Resisting the Devil in Unspectacular Way (Part 1)” was very practical and seemed to impact a lot of listeners. I look forward to sharing the second part next week.

Sunday Summary – Jacob Bell, “On the Road with Jesus”

This week was so complex that I had not taken the opportunity to write on this blog. Still, it is cathartic for me to review Sunday, and it creates a historic archive for our church and my ministry.

Pastor Jacob Bell preached for the first time at CIL, and he was so well prepared and clear in his communication. What a heart for God that came through his message titled “On the Roadway with Jesus.” Jacob is only 25 years old, but his wisdom and maturity come through in his life and this message. I anticipate great things through his ministry.

WATCH the service by clicking below:

Sunday Summary – September 5, 2021 – “Praise As Long As I Live”

Labor Day weekend has its challenges for churches, but God was faithful to give us a blessed day together. I preached a message of faith called “Praise as Long as I Live.” I called the saints to DECADES of worship to God.

Our key verse was Psalm 146:2

I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing to my God as long as I live.

I hope you have a blessed Labor Day and that praise will be on your lips.

Sunday Summary – August 29, 2021 – The Song of Solomon

It is quite rare that I speak on the Song of Solomon – this is the first time I remember preaching from this book on a Sunday morning.

Even though the original meaning of this poetry was romance, the church has traditionally used this Scripture as an allegory. That is what we did Sunday, and it was a powerful reminder to look for the return of the Lord!

Sunday Summary – August 22, 2021

I loved during worship how Pastor Aubrey invited us to pray for one another. When the Holy Spirit moves in a particular service, he desires to accomplish His work at that moment. I am so glad we are learning as a community to listen and obey. My message on Psalm 84 came across at times with more intensity than I anticipated, but I trust the Lord was at work.

It was a good day in the Lord. The Lord’s Day!

Sunday Summary – August 15, 2021

My wife Beth spoke and did such a great job. What a talent, with a great heart for God. I was very proud of her, and her message impacted me. We had a theme about Identity that weaved through the music, prayers, and sermon.

We kicked off 242 Small Groups, and that makes me feel good. I do not believe we function as a church unless smaller groups are going deeper in Chrisitan community. We are going somewhere, and He is leading us!