The ups and downs of ministry, in 4 days

It’s been quite a few days – the highs and lows of being a pastor. We had an amazing men’s retreat, and it was a dream come true to see so many CIL men engaged in community and Christian growth. It was also wonderful to have my two adult sons voluntarily attend with me!

Some long-time friends and ministry partners with CIL Church lost their one-month-old daughter after her brave fight to qualify for a heart transplant. Beth and I were with the family during this process, culminating with a Celebration of Life service at CIL on Sunday night. There were many heavy and holy moments these last few days.

I am so grateful for the church and its consistent testimony of Jesus each Sunday. My soul needed this Sunday’s service, and I was particularly touched when singing the hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”



Reset Your Alliances

Man, it was a good day at CIL Church.

The theme of Reset continues, as my teaching this week was titled “Reset Your Alliances”. Life is about relationships, so we constantly move in and out of relational alliances. I shared five different alliances that we need to evaluate by God’s vision and standards. Discover how you can reset your relationships with God’s perspective and blessing.
242 Small Groups launched Sunday night! I am so encouraged by the visionary way our 242 Small Group Leaders are viewing their ministry to impact the CIL family and their neighborhoods. I believe significant kingdom relationships are being established through our 242 Small Groups. God is going to impact our area and nation through these Kingdom relationships.
God is doing great things through Christ Is Love Church, and I am thrilled to tell you about it!


A fresh calendar, the same God

Welcome to 2023! We need a calendar to mark our days, but the Timeless One remains the same through our decades and generations. Praise His name!

Sunday, it was great to start 2023 with CIL Church. Jacob Bell preached an outstanding message, and Faith Hannula led anointed worship music. These two young pastors blessed us with their gifts.

Watch the sermon or full service! 



Christmas Eve at CIL Church

Christmas Eve services are a special time to be together and worship Jesus! This year, we have two opportunities – 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm. Aubrey and his team have some incredible music, and I will be sharing a Jesus-centered sermon that will lead us to the Lord. We will have communion passed out to everyone who wants to partake, and all are welcomed to do so! We will also have candles to light and remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.

Childcare is provided for age 3 and younger.

There will be no service on December 25, so make sure to prioritize one of our Christmas Eve services!

I’ll see you on Christmas Eve!

There is joy in the house of the Lord

Our Advent theme this week is Joy, and I was so happy to preach on this subject. Joy should not be an intimidating subject that produces more guilt but an opportunity to see our situation differently. I pray this message will give you a new perspective as you identify more of Jesus in your life.
We had David Ask, and his daughter Kate, join Aubrey and the worship team for beautiful holiday music. 

It was a great day to worship Jesus at CIL Church, so watch and worship with us.

Christ is love!



Advent – A Call to Repentance and Peace

It’s the second week of Advent, and Pastor Deborah Jackson shared an insightful teaching on Peace. Deborah reminded us that repentance leads to “shalom,” or the peace we desire. Aubrey and Jen led us with a great mix of carols and modern worship songs. 

I love this time of year because everyone makes a big deal about Jesus, and He deserves all the fuss!



There is always hope

What a way to end Thanksgiving weekend! We baptized nine people and started Advent with a focus on hope.

This message calls us to lift our heads to look for Christ, even when the darkness seems oppressive and overwhelming. We can always have hope when we look to Him. I pray this message will infuse hope into you. If you feel the emotion of hopelessness, please know this is not permanent and not your identity.



We stand on the Word of God

When at its best, the church offers Jesus, the Word of God. 

The word of man is trendy, but the Word of God is tested.
The word of man is consensual; but the Word of God is confrontational.
The word of man is circumstantial, but the Word of God is unchangeable.
The word of man is temporal, but the Word of God is eternal.

We stand on the Word of God. 

Prayer at Unity Service on November 18, 2022

What Does the Church Offer the World?

In every generation, despite the cultural environment, the church offers certain things to the world. In Sunday’s message, I proclaimed five things the church provides the world in every generation and setting. These are:

  1. The Word of God
  2. Sacraments (Water Baptism and Communion)
  3. The Presence of God
  4. Tangible Love (serving the needs of humanity)
  5. Hope (The reign of Christ).

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a great starting place to identify the unique call of the church. We are different from the other earthly entities because we are the gateway to the divine.