Dream again!

Randy Carter with Priority One ministries spoke at CIL Church yesterday, and encouraged us to dream again. I really needed to hear this encouragement from Scripture from a seasoned pastor who has been ministering for decades.

We were not able to stream the 9:00 AM service, but you can access the 10:45 service here:

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Where is your confidence?

You may feel good about yourself and full of confidence, but that confidence is so fragile.

All it takes is the …
• The wind of comparison
• The storm of adversity
• The earthquake of tragedy
Our confidence in ourselves crumbles so quickly.

Instead of “watching out” for misplaced confidence and personal pride, watch the Holy Spirit work! What will the Holy Spirit do?

The Holy Spirit changes my priorities, focus, and outcomes. Let these truths from Philippians 3:1-11 feed your soul and lead you to a more excellent way to live.

Click below for Spirit-filled worship and my message from Sunday.

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We Can Shine

I did not post about Sunday’s service on August 28, but the Lord was with us in powerful ways. We had an impactful time praying with people during the 9 am service and the few minutes after the service ended. During the 10:45 am service, Pastor Aubrey invited us for special prayer during worship, and it was a meaningful time praying for needs.

My eleventh message in Philippians was titled “We Can Shine.” This message has stuck with me closely this week, so I believe you will be blessed, too. Check out our service by clicking below:

A Christ-like Attitude is Possible through Transformation

Sunday was full of life, with visitors and long-time CIL Partners all drinking from the cup of the Lord. I taught on one of the most aspirational passages in Scripture – Philippians 2:5-14. This hymn of the first church calls us to a Christ-like attitude, which is only possible through transformation. I pray Jesus keeps working on me and all of us!

Watch our worship and sermon by clicking here:

Refresh Conference: July 16-17, 2022

I am so excited about the second annual Refresh Conference coming July 16-17 to CIL Church. This weekend is a time to receive from the Holy Spirit. Far Flung Tin Can returns to lead us in worship. Evangelist Lynn Wheeler and Pastor Derrick Jackson will be preaching. Mark your calendars for Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night services.

No registration. No cost. Join us and be refreshed!

Sunday Summary – April 24, 2022

The Sunday after Easter is unique as an inevitable correction to the swell of Easter attenders. However, Christianity is still in Eastertide, so the celebration continues despite the many who have moved on. I preached on one of my favorite subjects – Provision. I know the story from 2 Kings 4:1-7 is an encouragement to those in overwhelming debt that God cares and has provision for them.


Easter 2022 – Three Opportunities!

For Easter, we will offer three opportunities to worship!
                 Easter Services #1 – Saturday, April 16 at 6 PM
                 Easter Service #2 – Sunday, April 17 at 9 AM
                 Easter Service #3 – Sunday, April 17 at 10:45 AM
Easter at CIL includes excellent music with the CIL Worship Team and award-winning vocalist Angela Primm. The Saturday option (6 PM) allows families to worship together, providing childcare through age four. The two Sunday services (9 AM and 10:45 AM) have an Easter Egg Hunt for all kids while parents receive ministry. We will celebrate because He’s alive!