God of the Wilderness

If you are in the wilderness, God is going before you to help you. In Exodus 17:6, God told Moses, “I am going to stand there in front of you,” when he led Moses to an unlikely source of provision. CIL prayed this together twice during our Sunday service, and you can pray it with us now. (This is a picture of the Sinai wilderness)
God of the wilderness,
You go before and await our coming.
May our desire for you compel us
beyond complaint to conversation,
beyond rejection to relationship.
Pour your love into our hearts,
that, refreshed and renewed,
we may invite others to the living water
given to us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dissertation dedicated to my family


A few days ago, Beth really honored me by giving notice of my successful dissertation defense to earn a Doctorate of Education.  It meant a lot that she did so, but she deserves equal honor.  In fact, I dedicated my dissertation to her and the kids.  I wrote on the dedication page the following:

I dedicate this work to my wife, Beth, and my children, Abbey, Luke, and Lincoln. I hope the sacrifices you have endured for me to pursue this dream will be repaid to you with many opportunities for joy and success in your future.

Specifically, for Beth I wrote on the Acknowledgement page:

To my wife, Beth, your encouragement and support of me goes beyond what words can adequately express. You are my life partner, and I am so thankful we did this together.

On the Acknowledgement page for the kids, I wrote:

To my children, Abbey, Luke, and Lincoln, thank you for your understanding when I was distracted or not fully present for you during this project. I believe we have many years of great times together.

I wanted to make sure this important recognition was not buried in a dissertation, but proclaimed to the world!  I love you, family!

Time Change, No Name Change

Hey everyone!

I hope you are having a great week.  Three things I want you to be aware of going into the weekend.

1.  Time change happens this Sunday.  You know the drill, plan for one less hour of sleep, but a lot more daylight the next few months.

2. You may have noticed from social media that I successfully defended my dissertation and earned my Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree.  This would not have happened without the support of CIL.  I am so grateful to you for letting me and my family accomplish this.


So what do I want you to call me now?  Unless you are taking one of my classes, there is no need to call me Dr. Allison. I do not believe in the term Reverend, as the Trinity is the only one to be revered. According to the Bible, in a congregation, I should simply be called Aaron.  However, if you choose to call me Pastor, there is not a greater privilege I could imagine.

3. I am preaching this week from Genesis 12:1-4 on “Walking in God’s Purpose.”  Who doesn’t need to hear a message of this importance?  Who do you know that needs this message?  Invite them to CIL, and we will all grow in love this Sunday.
I love being your pastor!

Aaron Name

Exciting Days at CIL

So, what has happened so far in 2017 at CIL?  Lots of exciting things!
1. Our Sunday morning services are growing in participation, passion and joy.  There is a great awareness of God’s presence in our services.
2. We have had record attendance and enthusiasm in our student ministry.
3. The new 6-7 grade small group during the Sunday sermon has been well received by students and parents.
4. We continue to reach more kids through specializing in age categories. Our early childhood, K-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade, are all fully staffed with effective ministers, and developing well.
5. Take 2 for age 55+ is the most fun group in the church!
6. The new college age 242 Group is ministering to a crucial age category.  Chris and Kelly Multi are bringing great leadership and love to those young adults.
7.  Upgrades to our sound and lighting in the sanctuary have been made for a more pleasant worship experience.
8. In the next two weeks we should have 60 new parking spaces on the highway side of the property.  We are preparing for more increase!
9.  Alpha on Monday nights has been so good!  Our church is creating a culture to invite people into this great gospel story.
10. Newcomers are finishing CIL Forward, signing Covenant Partnerships, and participating in small groups.  Our family is increasing!

Epiphany – “Search for the Sacred”


Do you Search for the Sacred?

It is the season of Epiphany according to the church calendar.  This is a time for God to reveal Himself to us, just as he did to the three wise men in the time of Jesus, and all Gentiles since then.

This season is also a reminder to us amidst our new year’s resolutions, which often revolve around secular matters, to search for the sacred.

On Sunday (January 15), I will be preaching from Psalm 40 and Psalm 116, in a message titled, How Can I Repay the Lord?  This Scripture is something God used to form my heart last year, and I look forward to sharing it with you on Sunday.

Join us at CIL – 9am or 10:45am