Posted by: Aaron Allison | August 6, 2016

My sermons on “Growing in the Normal”

growing in the norm 1

We are in the “normal” season in the church calendar, but normal time is a growing time. I want to share with you messages from the Bible in the next few weeks that will inspire you to love Jesus and love people more. Tomorrow I am preaching on Hebrews 11, and the Scripture will speak to your creativity, geographical location and future. So much to learn from Him! Join me at either service at 9am or 10:45am. Let’s keep growing in Him!

Posted by: Aaron Allison | August 1, 2016

August is a Great Month to Read the Bible

On this first day of August, it is a great day to start or re-start a Bible reading plan. Here is the 5x5x5 New Testament reading plan that I use, and encourage our church to use. There are 25 readings a month, so there are built in “miss days.”
You can start now, and already be in the habit of Bible reading when all the New Year’s resolutions occur in a few months.
I encourage you to print out the plan, and use a physical Bible. I supplement digital versions when I need to, but love underlining and and holding the physical Scriptures in my hand.
Posted by: Aaron Allison | July 23, 2016

Responding to the Conventions

Prayers for Philadelphia
Here is some good news no matter your political persuasion. After months of expecting and preparing for the worse, there was no significant act of violence or civil unrest in Cleveland. Let’s pray the same for Philadelphia in the coming week. Let’s remember, that despite our various national challenges, we are so blessed to be Americans!

I’m Trying to See the Better Side
We are most Christlike when we look for the good in people instead of only their faults. I’m trying to do this more these days. While I do not want to blindly believe propaganda, discovering and believing positive things about public figures with whom I disagree is good for the life of God in me. Public figures are influencers of our culture, so the more God works in their hearts, the better we all are. So, we should wish them all God’s best. Because of Jesus and His work in my life, I hope I will choose civility and kindness more and more.

Posted by: Aaron Allison | July 16, 2016

Pastor Timblin and the Power of a Prayer

On Friday I had the honor of attending the funeral of Pastor Andy Timblin, the father of my dear friend Kevin Timblin. Pastor Timblin died in his early 80s, finishing his race so well. 
In 2008, I was a young preacher who was “trying out” to be the pastor of CIL. Brother Timblin preached at CIL several times while the church was without a pastor. On my interview Sunday, he drove from Kentucky to support me, even though we had never met. There was a lot of expectations on me to do well in this sermon, so I felt the importance of the opportunity. As I was getting ready to preach, Pastor Timblin placed his hands on my shoulders and began to pray with love and power. His prayer gave me so much confidence and assurance that when I stood on that stage, I had never felt so at home as a preacher.  
Pastor Timblin touched thousands of lives in his ministry but I still remember that prayer. You never know how a single prayer can impact a life. I believe that Pastor Timblin’s prayer impacted hundreds who have been touched by God through CIL the last 8 years. He honored me that day, and I was not going to miss honoring him at his home going service.  

Posted by: Aaron Allison | July 9, 2016

This Sunday (July 10)

Last week I was a guest speaker at a great church in Clarksville while their pastor – who is a close friend – was on sabbatical. I had a blast, and God moved in a powerful way. The church was incredible in every way – I was so impressed with them.
Still, there is no place like your home church!
So, I am super excited to be preaching at CIL tomorrow. I hope to see you at either 9 or 10:45 am. As we continue the series on the Holy Spirit, I will teach again on the “Already, Not Yet Kingdom of God.” If you believe in God’s power, but wonder why it does not always work the way you want it to, this teaching will help.
We will also pray specifically about the tragic events that occurred in our nation this week. I believe the presence of God will help us in our grief and fear. We need to be together in His presence to face the future with the hope and faith we need. We have so much hope through Him!
Posted by: Aaron Allison | June 24, 2016

UK Decision Points to Dissatisfaction


A historic day has come to the  United Kingdom, as the vote to leave the European Union  passed. Humanity’s dissatisfaction with earthly government is creating a climate of change all over the world. I pray the United Kingdom, the United States, the Arab world, and all points in between will turn to the one in whom “the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).

Posted by: Aaron Allison | June 23, 2016

Scriptures and Quotes

Here are some Scriptures and quotes working on me this week . . .

“Just as sin becomes habitual, so holy living can become habitual…just as sin numbs the spirit to the things of God, so obedience opens the spirit to God’s transforming power.”
– The Renovare “Life with God” Bible

Don’t stifle the Spirit.
Don’t despise prophecies,
but test all things.
Hold on to what is good. – 
1 Thessalonians 5:19-20 (HCSB)

There is a place in God’s heart with your name. No one can take your place. He is keeping it for you. No anxiety. No competition. (paraphrase from Gary Best teaching)

And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” – 1 Kings 18:21 (ESV)



Posted by: Aaron Allison | June 14, 2016

Think Long

We want to see fruit right now, but we have to trust God’s timing. “Solomon began to build the temple for the Lord in the 480th year after the Israelites came out of the land of Egypt (1 Kings 6:1).” The fruit we see today is the result of other’s actions in past decades and centuries. God may be using us today, to set up His work hundreds of year from now. Think long.

Posted by: Aaron Allison | June 10, 2016

The Miracle of the 6 Day War


Israeli soldiers dance in celebration at the wailing wall in Old Jerusalem on June 7, 1967. They were among the first troops to flee the city of Arab control and gain access to the wall during the Six Day War between Israel and Arab states. (AP Photo)

A modern day miracle culminated 49 years ago today. On June 10, 1967, the Six-Day War ended, as young and tiny Israel defeated the armies of the Arab world, and claimed Jerusalem.

Though I hate war, sometimes it is necessary in response to aggression. This occurrence demonstrates God’s plan to keep His covenant, and preserve His people. The thriving of Israel today is a sign to you about the promises of God for all His people.

Posted by: Aaron Allison | May 22, 2016

A Christian Perspective on the Transgender Bathroom issues


Since I was out of the country this week, I have been quiet on the transgender bathroom issue that has come to the forefront of American society.  My silence has not been an indication of my level of concern. I am saddened by the lack of wisdom and divisive action of President Obama to release a letter on May 13, 2016, to all public schools in America advising them how to respond to transgender issues.

Closer to home, this issue is coming to fruition in Sumner County, as an ACLU complaint about one of our high schools has been formerly filed.

I think you will find an article by Russell Moore helpful in forming your opinion on this issues from a Biblical perspective.  I have read this article several times, because each word has been carefully constructed to bring insight and perspective from our Christian faith.

There are good reasons to put boys and girls in different bathrooms and locker rooms and sometimes sports teams, reasons that don’t impugn the dignity of people but uphold it.” – Russell Moore

Click below for the full article:

What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means For You

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