Dr. Carlo Serrano as the 5th President of Manna University

I was thrilled to be with Dr. Carlo Serrano and his wife Jaemi on June 6, 2023, at his inauguration as the 5th President of Manna University in Fayetteville, North Carolina! Dr. Serrano and I grew up in ministry together, and his appointment as president is a well-deserved culmination of his academic and leadership success.

Manna University is an emerging institution of Christian higher education, training leaders for Christian service. It also reaches many soldiers from the former Fort Bragg, now known as Fort Liberty. I am honored to join the Board of Directors and look forward to serving alongside Dr. Serrano and supporting Manna University’s mission.

Congratulations, Dr. Carlo Serrano, on this remarkable achievement! I am celebrating this exciting new chapter for Manna University and your future.

“Faith in the Age of AI” by Dan Scott

Dan Scott’s new book Faith in the Age of AI is an essential and stunning work! Dan is a brilliant scholar with a pastor’s heart; his information and interpretation in this book will position us for humanity’s new era. I want everyone I care for to digest this work as an anchor to discern the times with a Christian worldview.

If you pre-order this book at pastordanscott.com, it will contribute to Christian scholarship and the support of a unique Christian thinker.

I greatly admire my friend and mentor, Dr. Dan Scott.

Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership

I had the privilege to be a reviewing member of the editorial team for the Fall 2022 edition of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership, a publication of the Regent University School of Business and Leadership in Virginia. These scholars did great work emphasizing leadership principles from Biblical perspectives in the study of leadership.

I am thankful for this opportunity from my long-time friend, Dr. Carlo Serrano (Manna University).

If you want to read the journal, click below for the PDF.

The intelligence and hard work of a teacher

I wish all teachers a well-deserved summer break as I have the highest respect for teachers. My grandparents, Mom, and aunt all were teachers. My sister teaches in Sumner County schools, and my daughter will be a first-year teacher in our district.

These jobs are HARD, and every teacher I know brings intellect, creativity, and heart to their vocation. Let’s get behind our educators and affirm their irreplaceable role in society.

Read the New Testament this Year – You can do it!

I have noticed some great posts with Bible reading plans for 2022. Which one is best? The plan that works for you!

After working with new converts, seasoned pastors, and observing myself, I am convinced that reading the New Testament in a calendar year is a realistic plan. 

I have used for years the 5x5x5 New Testament Bible Reading plan designed by Navigators.   This plan only takes 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week

A link to the PDF is here

Also there is a digital link on You Version.


It’s helpful to use both the printout and Your Version. 

You can do it!

Conflict Resolution Seminar this Saturday (Oct 23)

I have the privilege to teach Interpersonal Conflict Resolution for Union University. I love working with students in an academic setting, but this subject has great relevance for every day.

This crucial topic is why I am enthusiastic about presenting a seminar this Saturday (October 23) at Westwood Baptist Church in Nashville. I’ll be teaching a workshop from 9 am to 1:30 pm titled “From Conflict to Peace.”

I invite you to participate, as all are invited. There is no cost!

Register here


North Central University

I had a great couple of days at North Central University in Minneapolis.

For 24 years, I’ve watched Jeff and Martha Deyo impact the next generation for Christ. Their legacy continues as they are doing amazing work at NCU! I was so blessed to spend time with them.

So thankful to hang out with my long-time friend, Dr. Phil Zarns. Phil and his wife Katja are Kingdom builders who I respect deeply.

Also, much thanks to my new friend, Dr. Larry Bach, for bringing me to NCU’s “The Now and the Next” Conference.

It was all a great experience!

Pray for College Freshman


A coming of age for me as a pastor happened Sunday when I said goodbye to several students who were leaving town for college. There are still a few more goodbyes ahead of me this week. I have been at CIL 9.5 years now, so it was both sobering and fulfilling to see these children become adults.

They were my friend’s children, who became my friends – and so they always will be.

Pray for all of our college freshman.  The first few days at a new college or a new season at home is crucial for a college-age student’s relational and spiritual success.

Prayer is a form of mentoring.