The God who teaches us to walk

Do you remember being taught to walk?   Of course not. But, you probably love the person who taught you to walk.  Social bonding occurs when a caregiver teaches life skills, even when we do not remember the experience.

One of the most revealing passages about God’s heart for us comes from Hosea:

When Israel was a child, I loved him…
It was I who taught Ephraim to walk,
taking them by the hand,
but they never knew that I healed them.
(Hosea 11:1, 3)

God grieves as a loving father abandoned by his child.

Let’s remember and honor the God who gave us everything we have.

The Fire We Need

The best you is the sanctified you.
Still, the very thing we need – the sanctifying, transforming, purifying work of God – seems to be the one thing we are trying to avoid.
Let the fire of the Lord purify you.
When He changes you, everything gets better.
The fire we need is the eyes of Jesus (Rev. 1:14)

Leading When I Don’t Know

One of the best phrases I have used in leadership is, “I don’t know.”  Admitting you don’t know something actually invites new knowledge and collaboration.  You may be able to fake your way through a conversation a time or two, but a sharp person quickly figures you out.

A confident leader is able to admit what they don’t know. This practice puts people at ease and gives more weight to what you actually do know. Plus, who really wants to be around a “know-it-all” anyway?

People of Forgiveness

A person does not understand grace until they need it for themselves. People who have received grace are free to give grace.
Our culture is vindictive, looking for past mistakes to vilify someone today. While accountability for crimes and injustice is necessary, exposing someone’s past transgressions out of rivalry is wrong. We forgive because we have been forgiven.
Jesus offers grace to all who receive – this is our unbelievable message!

The next 5 months

Following up on Sunday’s sermon, I encourage you to evaluate the five months ahead of you.
What is going to happen in these environments?
– Occupation
– Relationships
– Entertainment / hobbies
Invite God to walk with you through these environments this coming season.
No pressure. Just walk with Him.

UnLearning Racism

As followers of Christ, we must continually evaluate words, attitudes, innuendos, tones, or symbolic practices that cooperate with racism.  Actions once accepted now must be corrected.

Listening and learning from younger generations on this issue is a critical practice to keep our heart in tune with today’s culture.  This path calls for humility and constant self-correction.  But as Christians, are we not people of transformation?