Grace and Peace

During Sunday’s sermon, we looked at the important phrase “grace and peace.” Paul used it when he wrote:

“Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ (Galatians 1:3).”

After an analysis of the Greek word for grace (charis), theologian William Barclay concluded:

“When Paul prays for grace to be bestowed on his friends, it is as if he were saying: ‘May the beauty of the undeserved love of God be on you, so that it will make your life lovely, too.'”

I like that. Grace be with you today and every day.

The passing of J. Don George (1937-2020)

We lost a spiritual giant today, as Pastor J. Don George went to his heavenly reward. The loss was sudden and unexpected.

He was my pastor growing up, so he is the preacher I have heard more sermons from than any other person. But, he was more than a great preacher to me. He was a life-long example of class and professionalism. I learned so much about leadership by just watching his life. I also learned a lot about friendship by observing how loyal he was to friends. He was a good friend to me.

No one preaches like J. Don George. Here is a one minute clip from 2017 that will build your faith and bring a smile to your face.