Prayer people are smart

As a young man, I incorrectly thought prayer people were flighty.

There is an old saying that was passed around my circle of influence that stated, “We shouldn’t be so heavenly minded, that we are not earthly good.”

Now, I see things differently.

Prayer people should be the wisest.
Prayer people are insightful.
Prayer people have that timely comment that impacts the meeting. 
Prayer people have the demeanor and persona that remind people of Jesus. 

Devoted to Prayer

I finished our series Prayer is for Everybody with a message titled, “Devoted to Prayer,” based on Colossians 4:2-6.

These messages have come out of my long walk with the Lord. I have made many mistakes and tried many things but I have settled into this simple, meaningful relationship with God. That is prayer to me. I hope this capstone message will turn your heart to him.



Trust in something more than the American dollar

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

One of the most surprising developments of the 2020s so far has been the strength of the American dollar. As unstable as our fiscal policies have been, American bonds are the preferred safe place for the world to place their wealth. I credit innovation, the free market, and strong businesses as the key to our strength.

The two bank failures in the last week have reminded us of the vulnerabilities in our current financial system. In addition, record inflation weakens the dollar and hurts the poor. I hope common sense and sound fiscal policy will keep the American dollar the preferred world currency, slow inflation, and stabilize the prosperity available to so many.

These failures have shown us that our money is not worth what we perceive. The worth of a dollar is connected to investors’ confidence, risk, and trust. In a fallen world, we can’t put our trust in the plans of man.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God
.” – Pslam 20:7 (ESV)

Your Confidence is Important for Emotional Health

One of the best gifts you give the world is your emotional health. We cannot always control this part of us, but good choices and habits along the journey position us for optimal health. My faith in Christ has benefited my emotional health more than anything, but I know a lot of more devout believers who struggle emotionally.

I write all this as many of you are on Spring Break, which can be a time to realize unmet expectations. I want you to hear this – KEEP YOUR CONFIDENCE! Remaining confident in who God has made you is a key to emotional health. Participate in conversations, reading, podcasts, music, and thoughts that build confidence. God believes in you, and so do I!

Tough weekend for Hendersonville, leads us to prayer

It’s been a tough few days in Hendersonville, as record winds on Friday brought tragedy to several people and power loss to thousands. Even with people unable to attend, we had a strong attendance with lots of passion for Jesus.

Watch the entire service, as Aubrey had some great ministry moments during the worship music.


I preached on the “Structure of Prayer,” and this teaching is very practical, giving you some ideas and tools to connect with God.