Whatever style of leader you are, follow God’s heart

Leadership is an art, as different types of leaders are needed for various groups or situations. In my study of leadership, both formal research and personal observation, I see God use multiple styles of leadership.

The Sovereignty of God places leaders in positions, and sometimes this is a sign of divine blessing and other times an expression of judgment. Pray for our leaders.

Also, be the answer to prayer by leading with God’s heart in your orbit of influence.

In choosing a leader, you are revealed

What type of leader do you choose to follow? These choices reveal you.

In our modern world, we frequently choose our leader. Whether it is a job offer we accept, a pastor of a church we join, or a vote in a democratic republic, we make consequential determinations under the Providence of God. Selecting leaders to follow is not so much about determining the future, as that is God’s responsibility, but revealing who we are.

Choose who you follow with discernment, for the leaders you follow will impact your worldview and reputation. Let the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Scripture, and the community lead you to healthy, life-giving leaders.

Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership

I had the privilege to be a reviewing member of the editorial team for the Fall 2022 edition of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership, a publication of the Regent University School of Business and Leadership in Virginia. These scholars did great work emphasizing leadership principles from Biblical perspectives in the study of leadership.

I am thankful for this opportunity from my long-time friend, Dr. Carlo Serrano (Manna University).

If you want to read the journal, click below for the PDF.

Launchpoint Church in Lebanon, Tennessee

Earlier this week, I had the great privilege of sharing at the leadership banquet for Launchpoint Church. Launchpoint has such a great community doing impactful ministry for Jesus in Lebanon, Tennessee.

My friends Jim and Angela Kubic are so genuine, loving, and pastoral. They love their people and city, so being part of their annual team celebration was an honor. This church may be hidden from notoriety now, but it will be known for its Kingdom impact as the years progress.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel stuck? There have been a lot of times in my life when I have felt no progress, which is discouraging.

What should you do when you feel stuck? Grow. Do something to help you grow today. Read something. Write something. Try something new. Pray. Think. Go for a walk.

Growth steps may be the last thing you feel like doing when you perceive stagnation, but a nudge of motion starts the momentum. You’ll be surprised how much God does when you are open to growth in the secret times.

Deanne DeWitt for State Representative

We are proud to stand with our dear friend Deanne DeWitt as she announces her candidacy for the Tennessee House of Representatives (District 35).

Deanne is the real deal! She loves the Lord and has been an impactful leader at CIL Chuch. Upon her election, Deanne will represent Tennesseans with integrity, hard work, empathy, and Christian values at the state capital. We are so excited for her and our state!

Todd Hunter’s newest book – Deep Peace

I just eagerly ordered the book Deep Peace, the newest release by Todd Hunter. Todd has been at the forefront of several Christian movements in American for the last 40 years, so his insights into our faith today are proven and needed. Todd desires this book to “make a real difference in the conflict and anxiety that permeate Church and society.”

Since Todd has moved to the Nashville area from California, he has been gracious to me. I am enthusiastic about his ministry and what this book can mean to people.

Parable Church by Mike Burnette

I am so excited about Mike Burnette’s new book, Parable Church.

Mike is an incredible leader, pastor, and scholar. Mike is one of my best friends, and I can assure you he lives what he teaches. The concepts from this book will help you love Jesus and the church better. Experience a fresh perspective through Parable Church.



Well done, Ronnie Meek!

Sunday was a touching experience to be part of Pastor Ronnie Meek’s retirement service at Springhouse Worship and Art Center in Smyrna. Ronnie has been the congregation’s pastor for 33 years, and they honored him in a fitting but extraordinary way.

I had the honor to be one of several speakers who surprised Ronnie, and it was my pleasure to share with the Springhouse family my perspective on this great man. Ronnie has been such an example of authenticity, creativity, friendship, and love.

Well done, Pastor Ronnie! See you at our next lunch.