People of Forgiveness

A person does not understand grace until they need it for themselves. People who have received grace are free to give grace.
Our culture is vindictive, looking for past mistakes to vilify someone today. While accountability for crimes and injustice is necessary, exposing someone’s past transgressions out of rivalry is wrong. We forgive because we have been forgiven.
Jesus offers grace to all who receive – this is our unbelievable message!

The next 5 months

Following up on Sunday’s sermon, I encourage you to evaluate the five months ahead of you.
What is going to happen in these environments?
– Occupation
– Relationships
– Entertainment / hobbies
Invite God to walk with you through these environments this coming season.
No pressure. Just walk with Him.

Walk on the Moon

Apolllo11I’ve been amazed this summer when learning details about the United States sending an astronaut to the moon fifty years ago. It was indeed a remarkable accomplishment of scientific skill, resolve, human cooperation, courage, and love of country.
It is just mind-boggling to consider what NASA accomplished with what we now consider primitive technology. I’m proud of my country!

UnLearning Racism

As followers of Christ, we must continually evaluate words, attitudes, innuendos, tones, or symbolic practices that cooperate with racism.  Actions once accepted now must be corrected.

Listening and learning from younger generations on this issue is a critical practice to keep our heart in tune with today’s culture.  This path calls for humility and constant self-correction.  But as Christians, are we not people of transformation?

A Refreshing Sabbatical

Our sabbatical ended yesterday, and I am so glad to be back at work with new perspectives, deeper appreciation for God’s blessings, and a renewed awareness of my call.

I’m so grateful for the CIL family that made this time possible, and I look forward to loving and serving this faith community with more effectiveness in this next era of ministry.

Knowing the Lord is with Me

One of the saddest statements in Scripture is found in Sampson’s story.

“But he did not know that the Lord had left him (Judges 16:20).”

That has been me before. Taking my gifts from God for granted, I have given away my secret strength and taken on causes without God. I am so thankful that he renews my strength after mistakes, and He never leaves me.