The Ultimate Report Card

This is our final day of The Next Level.  This last chapter on “The Ultimate Report Card:  The Judgment Seat of Christ” is very meaningful to me.   I have been listening to Scott Wilson preach for over 20 years, and his ministry has had a huge impact on me.  Scott has also been an encouragement to me on a personal level.

Of the many sermons I have heard Scott preach, his teaching on “the Judgment Seat of Christ” had a profound impact on me.   I hope you take time to read the last chapter, and learn about the two separate judgments we will face as Christians.  I thank Jesus Christ that his death and resurrection has given me the right to heaven in the Great White Throne Judgment.   In addition to this, we who are Christians will be judged at “The Judgment Seat of Christ” for the quality of our lives (this isn’t about salvation) (see I Corinthians 3:12-15).

Our aspiration to go to the next level is so that we can present good thing to Christ when He judges our conduct.  Let’s go to The NEXT LEVEL for HIM!

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