One Sunday A Success

“One Sunday” was a success for several reasons:

1. We obeyed God.
2. This event created more prayer (dependence on God).
3. We had a record crowd (for a non-Easter service).
4. So many decisions were made for Christ, I lost count.   So glad God is counting them all.  Also, we did try to get cards filled out from as many people possible.
5. All of our guest services – parking lot, greeters, ushers, communication center – stepped it up!
6. We were able to initiate the first phase of our lobby renovation.
7.  We manned a 242 kiosk that will direct more people to the heart of our church – 242 Groups.
8.  People invited their friends, which is the primary way we’ll reach people for Christ.

Praying that One Sunday will become “every Sunday.”

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