70 Years Ago Today, the Darkest of Lunch Meetings Occurred


11 million. That was the number of Jews sentenced to death a brief 90-minute lunch meeting at a beautiful lakeside villa (see picture) near Berlin 70 years ago.  The infamous meeting of Nazi officials which decided upon the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was called The Wannsee Conference.


Held on January 20, 1942 and attended by 15 high-ranking Nazi bureaucrats, the Wannsee Conference set in motion the implementation of a plan to for the systematic, industrial murder of all the Jews within Germany’s reach in Europe and north-west Africa.


The fate of 11 million Jews, followed by a glass of Cognac.


It is important that we remember that the Nazi officials who deliberated at Villa Wannsee over their ghastly plans for exterminating European Jewry were all well-educated, with at least half of them holding doctorate degrees. Some were also the sons of Protestant ministers, yet not one of them raised any moral objections to this heinous plot[1]


As you reflect on this heinous decision that led to genocide, remember that the voice of the majority doesn’t always reflect the voice of God.   When you are seated at a table of influence, speak up for those who do not have a voice.


[1] Taken from e-mail sent by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) on January 19, 2012.



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