Youth Camp Starts Tonight

I was so fortunate to have youth camp experiences in Jr. High and High School that changed my life forever.    I am so glad my seventh grade daughter will be participating in the Getaway 2012 at Panama City, Florida the next four days.

Exit Seven Youth Ministry, led by Pastor David Huff, is putting on the Getaway.   The chartered bus leaves town at midnight, so pray for the group as they travel.  Two of my very close friends will be leading the services.  Phil Zarns will be speaking, and Jonathan Lee will be leading our worship.   I couldn’t imagine a better speaker / worship leader combo, and I couldn’t imagine a better group of kids.   It’s going to be special!

As the Spirit brings this trip to mind, pray for these teens and leaders now through Monday  night (June 4) when they return.

God is going to change lives and hearts forever!

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