Sunday Review and Fall Break

–  When I saw deer hanging out in our parking lot early this morning, I thanked God for our church’s beautiful property and atmosphere.

–  Great to meet new folks visiting CIL for the first, second and third times.

–  After a great two months of high attendance, Fall Break for Sumner County Schools had our attendance down about 1/3 of what it’s been in previous weeks.  Still, the enthusiasm for worship, the Word and communion was up!   We prayed for all our members traveling over the weekend, and we look forward to everyone getting back over the next couple of weeks.

– I was honored to attend the wedding for Kolby Miller and Emily Phelan Sunday evening.  It’s great to see two young people put God first in their relationship.  The wedding was beautiful in every way!

– With the Titans on a bye, and a busy afternoon, I didn’t pay attention to the NFL today.  Still not sure who Sunday’s winners and losers were, and it really makes no difference.

– I’m on vacation with my family this week.   We planned our vacation for October during Fall Break because summer gets too complex with all the ministry events I’m involved in.  Coming off the mission trip, this makes for a busy October of travel, but it should be my last big trip of the year.  I am thrilled for the time I’ll have with my family this week.

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