Ten Exciting Things Happening at CIL


In no particular order . . .

1. Some of our teenage boys are getting together on their own to study the Bible.  These guys are getting it!
2. We’re taking two adult mission trips this year – Costa Rica and Appalachia (eastern Kentucky).
3.  We had a record night last Wednesday in Awana!  So glad children are being discipled.
4.  We are learning to pray.   Between our weekly prayer meetings, and monthly House of Prayer gatherings, prayer is becoming more of a priority.
5. The Wednesday night class I’m teaching on theology has enthusiasm and great insight from the participants.  We are loving it!
6. The worship team has a renewed spiritual focus.
7. 242 Groups have been well attended, with Christian community lived out.
8. We installed new projectors in the sanctuary, that make the media much clearer.
9. HELP Mother’s Day out continues to remain at full capacity, and is a great resource to our community.
10. On the first day of the month we send checks to 31 missionaries or ministries.

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