Missed the news lately?

2014 is turning out to be an eventful year . . .

Putin– Civil war continues in Syria, spilling into Iraq.  The Middle East has more instability than we have seen in decades.

– After the winter Olympics, and Russia‘s accidental diplomatic role in preventing an international war in Syria; Vladimir Putin is slowly, but steadily reasserting Russian influence through Soviet-style tactics both domestically and internationally.  An imperialistic Russia will effect world stability.

Iran is being quiet, which means they could be quietly developing an atomic bomb.

– Racial tensions in America have remained docile for the most part in recent years, but we all have known that an eruption of mistrust can occur at any time. An example of this is in the small suburb of Ferguson, Missouri which is about the size of Gallatin, Tennessee. The use of violent force sets in motion consequences that are difficult to contain.  I’m praying for Michael Brown’s family, the Ferugson community and the authorities involved in these matters.

Israel FlagHamas is proving once again to be a protagonist and terrorist group who stirs up trouble with Israel.  Disdain for Israel is in vogue. Israel’s government is not perfect, and they do make mistakes.  However, they have been a faithful friend to the United Sates, and they are an example to the rest of the world of religious tolerance and democratic values. Hate for the Jews has happened since Genesis, yet humanity falls into that trap every generation. Hamas is hurting the Palestinian people.

– The United States cannot seem get out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  These wars are costing us more than we are willing to pay.  America was not prepared to pay the price true success cost, nor could we afford to.  God bless those 5,281 American soldiers and their families who have perished to date from these two meandering wars.
Kenneth Bae – With all this we don’t have time to focus on the border crisis with Mexico, the crippling national debt in the United States, the danger of North Korea (pray for Kenneth Bae), the Benghazi scandal, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, communism in China, and dehumanizing practices in Africa (such as the genocide and civil war in Congo, South Sudan, Darfur and the wasteland once know as Somalia).  We are also holding our breathe that India and Pakistan will not go to war, as there relationship is always fragile. Is Europe losing its culture distinctive through the advance of Muslim extremism?   The evil sex trafficking of children in Europe and Asia is breathtaking.

So what is the most important?  The mass media determines what is important for us to focus on each day with what they decide to highlight on the news programs, newspapers and websites.  Remember #bringbackourgirls?   No one is talking about those missing girls now.  The news cycle ran its course.

I am sure I have overlooked equally alarming situations.

What is the solution?
– Effective leadership.  We need more of that.
– Morality. Relative truth is a disaster for humanity.
– Sound economic principals.
– The just use of the millitary.

I say, come Lord Jesus!  Jesus will lead this world with complete justice and righteousness.

For as the earth produces its growth,
and as a garden enables what is sown to spring up,
so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise
to spring up before all the nations. – Isaiah 61:11 (HCSB)





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