A Study Day with Darfur Issue

Thursday was my study day, and I prepared for this Sunday’s talk on Why Darfur Matters.  I had studied this issue last year, and so most of my day was a review of what I had already read.  Specifically, I re-read Not On Our Watch by Don Cheadle and John Prendegast.   Looking at this issue again re-ignited the passion against genocide and made me glad that our church is going to engage in this tragic issue.  It also was also a reminder that when we are not exposed to an issue, how quickly we forget.

Pray with me that we hear God’s heart for the people of the Darfur region during our service this Sunday.

On Thursday evening Beth and I went to dinner at Paul and Deborah Jackson’s home in Lebanon.   They have a beautiful new home, and we enjoyed the “fondu” they provided.  Paul, who has extensive experience in promotions and event planning, will be helping me with I Want to Lead.

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