Does God Want Us To Enjoy Life?

Does God want us to enjoy life?  I know this seem like a simple question, but it is the basis for the right perspective in so many areas in our life.   So much of religion is designed to keep people in a certain level of misery through man-made rules and spiritual conclusions that don’t come from God.  When we come accustomed to guilt and misery, enjoying life can make us feel false guilt.    Maybe this is unique for me, but feeling guilty for joy is something I have to fight off at times.   However, I have learned to shake off this false guilt and to suck all the joy I possibly can out of a positive moment.   Life is serious enough without my incorrect attitude adding a sour perspective.  I am so glad Jesus modeled was a model of celebration and rest.   If He took time to enjoy dinner with His friends, than we ought to do the same on a regular basis – guilt free.

2 thoughts on “Does God Want Us To Enjoy Life?

  1. livinginfreedom

    Thank you for this post… I struggle with guilt when doing joyful, seemingly “purposeless” things. I appreciate your thoughts.

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