Best College Basketball Teams Last 30 Years

March means college basketball, and I’ve watched a lot of basketball over the years.   Since my earliest memories only go back to about 1980, here are the best college teams I remember watching (the year is the “spring date” of the season):

Grant Hill1)  1992 Duke Blue Devils:  Christian Laetner, Grant Hill, Thomas Hill, Bobby Hurley – this team was a TEAM.  They defended their ’91 title when the whole world wanted to beat them.

2)  1996 Kentucky Wildcats:  Rick Patino never gathered a more talented and disciplined group.

3) 1984 Georgetown Hoyas:  Patrick Ewing led team was dominating in every way.

4) 1990 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels:  It was hard to see Dallas native Larry Johnson play outside of Texas, but the pure talent on this team may be unmatched by any other team.

Arkansas - Corliss5)  2009 North Carolina Tar Heels:   In the era of “one and done,”  Roy Williams assembled a team that never was really challenged in the NCAA tournament.

6)  1994 Arkansas Razorbacks:  A solid team led by Corliss Williamson, and cheered on by President Clinton.   This was a fun era for the state of Arkansas.

7)  2007 Florida Gators:  The most under-appreciated back-t0-back champions in NCAA history.

8)  1993 North Carolina Tar Heels:  This incredibly talented team helped Dean Smith seal a legendary career, and quiet Michigan’s “Fab Five.”

Houston 19839)  1983 Houston Cougars:  The only team on my list that didn’t win it all.  Akeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler led  a team that should have never lost to NC State.  However, the dominance of the Cougars made the NC States upset win more meaningful.

10) 2008 Kansas Jayhawks:  This team could run, as they upheld the KU tradition of winning with Coach Bill Self’s first championships.

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