A Palm Sunday of Joy and Sorrow

On Palm Sunday, we had a mix of joy and sorrow. There was joy in our faith as we entered Holy Week but sorrow from a week of tragedy – the massacre at Covenant School in Nashville, the helicopters crash from Ft. Campbell, and the storms that took lives in Tennessee, especially in McNairy County. It was a horrific week. 

I am so thankful for Beth Allison’s ministry during worship as she ministered to us and presented congregational prayers that gave us words when we seemed speechless. 

We rejoiced with two young men baptized in water. So much good occurring amidst so much heaviness. 

I am thankful for my faith, church family, and a place to gather and process these emotions.

I shared a message titled “8 Reasons I Am Praying For CIL To Grow.” This message will give you insight into my heart for this church family and start the collective vision we will see from God.



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